Privacy policy

Privacy Policy for the handling of personal data, with most provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on the right to self-determination and freedom of information. are determined based on the law. In all cases, this Code, unless otherwise provided in the foregoing legal agreement between you and the Mates Ltd. Agreement or contract.

The wine, champagne and spirits distilled webshop you are free to pick and choose from the range, this is not necessary to provide any personal information. Your personal information will only be necessary to enter, according to your free will if you sign up our system and buy. In this case, the data only for the Mates Ltd., And only to the end, which provides information on special offers, latest news and other useful things for you for you. If you do not want the opportunity to live, we indicate the email address.

Your data will be sold or passed on to third parties not under any circumstances. The participants wine, champagne and spirits distilled Webshop trade partners (vendors, suppliers, and others) receive only the portion of the data that is necessary to ensure that all work properly in the performance of the product or service you purchased. Personal data is issued only if the law obliges. cookies are used in the wine, champagne and spirits distilled web page visits ('cookies') in order to use the system, so that we can identify the next visit to the site and for ease in browsing and buying. We are obligated by law in Hungary to 18 years age group do not serve our customers, which can help the user to the page step filtration.

All personal data at any time, you can update or correct what your own profile, you can do it or write to us at email address.

The Mates Ltd. Reserves the right to change policy at any time published here, but we commit ourselves to the wine, champagne and spirits distilled web page will inform you. Before and during the check purchases rules for management and protection of personal data in the registration.

We treat your personal data in accordance with current GDPR rules.

For any questions, please contact customer support requests regarding the email address.