We wish to make our partners with our customers and build long-term relationship of trust. In this light, we have created the and services.

Hungarian and foreign white wines, red wines, especially the high quality of the center set. Champagnes, Proseccos, sparkling wines from all over the world.
200 Champagne, 300 bubbly wine, 500 foreign and Hungarian white wine, red wine, stock and nearly 200 older vintage wines found.

As wine may not be found, please indicate and we will deliver it to you.

Personalized wine recommendations

Feel free to contact ( or call (+36 20 215 45 16) us, if for whatever purpose you want to ask a personal wine recommendation. Day birthday, anniversary, name day or only on one of the busy weekdays you can not decide what is champagne, white wine, red wine, foreign or Hungarian wine you want, we are happy to stand at your disposal.

Wine tasting in your home or office

Family, friends and business circle you want to keep private wine tasting professional sommelier and wine glasses right? Hungarian and foreign wines You can also create rows of wine of your choice, but of course, we'll work to make a nice wine line assemble the guests. Person has a few thousand HUF are compiled fine wines. Almost infinite variation that can serve as regards the wines. Whether white or red wine line, or presentation area, such as Bordeaux or presentation kind, such as Merlot. Feel free to contact ( or call (+36 20 215 45 16) us if you have any order you want, you have to keep the wine tasting.

Private wine cellars, wine collections, upload, sales, and organize

Relationship has been more Hungarian and foreign wine wholesaler trust established pursuant Kazinczy Wine Auction and Trading House experience, you would love to share them. 10 pieces borhűtőtől the hundreds and thousands of bottles borkészletig, wine cellar, which we can take to put together the appropriate wines. If required, the current one systematise or sell. Whether at home or on your favorite winery in the world, we will deliver what you want, any wine, drink be.

Would you like to upload a holiday sailing stocks?
Please write an email to or call us on + 36202154516.

Corporate events, weddings

calmly. Wine and food pairs we have great experience, so even a 3-course dinner on the 10-course dinner, starting, ending cutscenes and drinks can help in everything. At the wedding feel that you need a specialist in cooking !? They can see! Equally important, the kind of wines and drinks will be in front of the guests.

The simple house party type events at the highest level events undertake the appropriate wines and beverages will be offered. Please write an email to or call us on + 36202154516.

Corporate, wedding gifts like wine, champagne and friends

We could also feast atmosphere as a good or an excellent wine Champagne.
Fizzy drink anywhere, anytime, any mood to consume. Business partners, participants wonderful wedding gift. Surprise them with experience!

Wine as an investment

Yes, it's true. An object of consumption can be an excellent investment. What is the difference between a sports car and a limited edition limited edition wine. Not much, at least in terms of the investment.

Recently, a small Austrian winery world of wines from one of the 100 points, which until then was 25,000 forints. Three months later he gave me a bottle of nearly 2.5 million Forint ordination. Exceptionally rare, but exist. Of course, in most cases there is no such "luck" of man, but officially listed wine-based portfolios are performing well above average in 10% yield. Tell me how much you want to set aside time to spend in, and I'll tell you what wines you should buy now that the higher yield can sell 1, 5, 10, or 20 to 30 years.

If you are interested to know how to multiply the wine has invested money in the long run, you can write to or call us on + 36202154516.